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Positive Spin

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This is a story about bereavement...

Kitten in a box

You can order anything on Amazon dot com these days. I needed a new kitten; same-day delivery. Prime membership equals free shipping too - bonus!

My cat has been missing for two weeks. Was it premature to get a new kitten? Who sets the rules on how long we have to live in cat-free torment, alone with our sadness and grief? Who decides how long is the authorised, legal, respectable amount of time which somebody has to suffer without a feline friend for company? When were these things decided? Why were these rules and regulations put in place? Who benefits from these draconian laws?

Anyway, I broke the rules.

I got a new kitten.

Of course I miss my cat and I desperately want to know what's happened to her, but perhaps I never will. She's microchipped, so I have a better chance of being reunited, but it's perfectly possible that it will always remain a mystery, sadly and frustratingly.

I don't think it would be a good idea to be grief-stricken, heartbroken and isolated all alone, without a furry feline friend. I got a new kitten. Sue me.

It's hard to put into words the sheer joy of unboxing my little bundle of fluff. Seeing her gorgeous blue eyes, soft white fur and that greyish smokey point colouration on her nose, ears, paws and tail, is a joy. She's the living embodiment of adorable cuteness.

Obviously I don't know the fate of my cat, so I can't really grieve. I'm trapped, not knowing whether she's alive or dead. I've been trapped for two weeks. I could be trapped for two months, two years, or the rest of my life. I strongly suspect the latter. Obviously I hope that she's reunited with me alive and well, but nobody has spotted her; she's disappeared without a trace. It's quite possible that she's alive and well somewhere, but nobody's coming forward to tell me that, and they might keep her away from me for the rest of our lives, and I'll never know her fate.

Yes, I have a new kitten and she's gorgeous. Yes, I'm happy to have a new kitten. Yes, having a furry feline friend is important to me. Yes, it makes my life better; more bearable; happier. Yes, my life is better now I have a cat in my home; in my life.

Sorry. Was I supposed to be miserable and suicidal?

Was I supposed to be suffering?

I'm still suffering. I've lost a cat which I love very dearly.

Sorry not sorry. I do what's right for me. I do whatever it takes to cling onto life.

So sue me.

Another way to look at it might be to consider how long you deliberately made yourself miserable for, and to ask yourself why you put yourself through that. If you needed a kitten but you didn't get one, then you got one after a long wait, ask yourself why you waited. Wasn't it unnecessary to wait? Wasn't it unnecessary to suffer? Why would you deliberately make yourself suffer?

I'm finished with unnecessary waits. Pointless. Waste of time.

I needed and wanted a kitten, so I ordered one on Amazon dot com same day Prime delivery.

True story.